Inside The Assembly!

How To Get Involved?

The Prevention Team offers a number of ways for parents, business owners, and concerned individuals to have the ability to aide in launching our program in the school of their choice.

Awareness is the start.

It is one thing to simply be aware of bullying becoming a major issues in our society; and it is another to actually have an impact on anti-bullying in your neighborhood. This is the land of the free and it will only stay that way if we fight together to keep it that way. Now is the time to start taking back what some are trying steal from you and I!

The Victim Signs...

Children who are victims of bullying may display one or more of the following behaviors at home:
• Comes home from school with clothing that’s torn or in disarray, or with damaged books.
• Has bruises, cuts, and scratches, but can’t give a logical explanation for how he got them.
• Appears afraid or reluctant to go to school in the morning, complaining repeatedly of headaches
or stomach pains.
• Chooses an “illogical” route for going to and from school.
• Has bad dreams or cries in his sleep.
• Loses interest in school work, and his grades suffer. If your child normally struggles...


Who is "The Bully" ?

A youngster who is bullying other kids may display one or more of the following behaviors at
• Has a strong need to dominate and subdue others; asserts himself with power and
threats to get his own way.
• Intimidates his siblings or kids in the neighborhood.
• Brags about his actual or imagined superiority over other kids.
• Is hot-tempered, easily angered, impulsive, and has low frustration tolerance. Has
difficulty conforming to rules and tolerating adversities and delays. If he has the
impulsive/hyperactive type of AD/HD, that could explain some of these behaviors...


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