We bring in professional athletes from the NFL to Pro Boxers to stop bullying before it happens!

Welcome To TPT!

The Prevention Team is a company designed at building Confidence and Integrity in our School system to address one of our country's biggest issues in the school system today, Bullies.

Our 1 hour program is approved by multiple schools across the nation and will leave your kids with great motivation and a real "Bullies are not cool Attitude."

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  • Our Vision The Prevention Team wants to educate and prepare children about "bullying" by teaming up with different athletes and motivational speakers to discuss this epidemic!
  • Our Team The athletes joined with us are Hall Of Fame Boxing Champions, NFL Superstars and many many more!
  • News & Events Humana and 411 Pain were named TPT sponsors of the year. We appreciate your consistent dedication to saving the lives of our youth from the epidemic of bullying.